In terms of construction and comprehensive modernisation of tram tracks, the ZUE Group offers complex solutions on the basis of diverse technologies available for all kinds of track gauges.
Track design and construction technologies include, among others:
  • tracks on so-called Hungarian slab
  • tracks on pre-stressed concrete sleepers
  • tracks with reduced noise levels (noise absorption by vibration-isolating mats or a sublayer made of epoxide resin)
  • green tracks
All works, together with delivery and on-site assembly, are performed by a team of qualified employees, while, thanks to co-operation with renowned suppliers and specialist equipment and machinery, the works are completed on-time and at high quality standards. The ISO 9001 certificate, granted for this specific type of operation, only confirms the qualifications of the ZUE Group.

The track infrastructure elements delivered and assembled by the Group include, among others, the following:
  • track partings
  • track crossings
  • safe-locked switch drives
  • modern trailing switch drives
  • track drainage systems
  • rail greasing systems 
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Tram tracks

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