Infrared systems

An infrared system was delivered and implemented by ZUE Radiotech in Kraków in 1989 for the transmission of information and commands to the automatic tram switch and traffic light control systems. Currently, it is used for switch control in the cities of Kraków, Wrocław, Szczecin and Częstochowa. The system devices, together with the applied catenary equipment, have been examined and commissioned by the specialist measurement laboratory of the City Transport Company of Kraków.
System functions

  • wireless tram switch operation from driver cab
  • adjustable vehicle traffic control on crossroads in co-operation with any kind of traffic light controller
  • identification of trams en route and at the depot
The core element of the system is the digital infrared transmitter located in the cockpit, triggering a receiver suspended on tram catenary near a switch or within a detection area. The use of infrared transmission is not dependant on weather conditions or radio interference. The data transmission technology eliminates the possibility of misreading or, as a result thereof, faulty operation of the switch or traffic lights.

The infrared transmitter located in the vehicle cockpit continually sends a unique identification number enabling automatic triggering of signalling and vehicle identification.

In order to change the switch position, the vehicle operator presses one of the transmitter buttons (left or right), thus applying the change of the route. By pressing a specific button, the driver may also notify readiness of departure and switch on a green light at a junction.

The infrared receiver receives the signals from a transmitter and passes them to a controller, which, after decoding, triggers the respective switch drive powering system or traffic light controller.

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